Courtney Cox Opens Up About Her Cosmetic Surgery

Courteney Cox

While plastic surgery has been around for over one hundred years, the use of it to enhance beauty and fend off the ravages of aging have traditionally been kept a deep dark secret — especially in Hollywood.

But with the coming of a more liberal mind set in the last ten years, many celebrities are opening up about the work they’ve had done — why they had it done, and what regrets they may have had.

Courtney Cox reveals in the latest edition of Shape Magazine that “the pressure to maintain a perfect face for a woman is incredible. My agent, business manager, even my accountant — they constantly kept after me to remain looking like a 25-year-old. It can be done, I know. But the price I paid was a loss of self-esteem; that I couldn’t trust people to like me for who I was, who I was becoming. Finally, earlier this year, I opened up about my surgery and injections on social media and made a public vow to not continue with those treatments, but to let nature take its course.”

Cox says she is now happy with her more mature looks, and still getting prime acting jobs.