Link round-up: How to revamp your living space for under $100

It’s the magic, round-number. Unfortunately, $100 doesn’t get you very far nowadays – particularly when it comes to your home.

With the cost of a new kitchen often stretching into the tens of thousands, and bathrooms not far behind, the thought of spending three figures is bordering on the absurd.

However, there are a few low-cost, high impact changes you can turn to. If your budget happens to fall into such a category, here are a selection of links that can help you completely revamp your living space into something you are proud of.

Position your rug correctly (The Spruce)

This first link doesn’t even have to cost you a dime. Sure, if you have a few dollars down the back of the sofa, by all means go for it, but for a lot of people it’s all about making the most of what you’ve got.

As the sub-title may have already given away, we’re talking about rugs. So many people buy utterly beautiful rugs, only to position them in the worst possible way. This link from The Spruce informs you of the golden positioning rules meaning that you should never fall into such a trap again.

Furniture arrangement is key (BHG)

This next link from BHG follows a similar line of thought to the previous one – it’s literally priceless.

Again, many households are blessed with beautiful furniture which they simply fail to use properly. In this case, as the link will show you, there are all sorts of furniture placement faux pas’ which can wreak havoc with your room’s aesthetics.

As such, read all 27 points from the slideshow (yep, all of them!) and understand how each item in your room should be talking to each other.

The same proportion rules apply to your artwork (SFGATE)

A lot of the links in today’s round-up focus on proportion; it’s one of the most undervalued elements of beautiful interior design.

This doesn’t apply to mere ‘standard’ furniture either. It relates to everything – your artwork included. In fact, with artwork such a focal point of so many rooms, making sure that you choose correctly sized paintings is crucial to the overall appearance.

Don’t forget the flowers (Avas Flowers)

Something else that a lot of people don’t take seriously enough is accessorizing. This link from Avas Flowers highlights the case in point, with flowers able to inject a blast of vibrance that most ornaments and feature walls could only dream of. Take a look at the Avas Flowers website for more information on how to achieve added color via flowers.

Raise your ceiling (Houzz)

Relax, we’re not going to end proceedings with a hugely expensive course of action that’s going to blow your budget out of the water.

Instead, this link from Houzz is all about tricking the eye. The guide contains all sorts of suggestions, whether it’s keeping lighting flush, using vertical wall decorations or even raising your curtains. They can all work wonders when it comes to raising your ceiling, and ultimately making your room appear a little more premium.