The Mommy Makeover

A woman receiving a mommy makeover.

Dr. Blaire Greenfield, an associate at the Postnatal Care Clinic in St Paul, Minnesota, comments on the latest medical trend for treating postnatal depression: “As the psychological toll of childbearing is being studied intensely, part of the answer to helping mothers suffering from postnatal depression is to encourage them to explore cosmetic surgery to bring their bodies back into the shape they enjoyed prior to pregnancy. Childbearing results not only in unsightly stretch marks but also stretches the abdomen muscles, which remain loose and sagging after childbirth — creating a stomach pouch which does not respond to exercise or diet. It must be treated surgically, to bring the muscles back together.”

Dr. Greenfield says that studies indicate nearly 40% of mothers suffering from postnatal depression were able to overcome it without the use of medication simply by having some basic plastic surgery performed.