The RealReal Wants You to Get Real

Buying new clothing and accessories is a must for most people. This is especially true for people who love to stay in tune with the pseudo clothing styles and trends. One way that people can satisfy this desire is by purchasing gear from a consignment clothing shop. The RealReal is a consignment clothing shop that provides people with some unique fashions at a relatively low cost. Let’s discover what this quaint clothing company has to offer consumers.

First off, the RealReal was started by a Purdue University graduate named Julie L. Wainwright. The store has been designed to sell other people’s fashionable clothing for a fee. That is what consignment is all about. A person can take their clothing to The RealReal and have them sell it to an interested party. Once a customer makes a purchase on an item, then The RealReal takes their cut and the owner gets the rest.

The RealReal has had success in the consignment business. Since it focuses on fashionable and upscale trendy clothing, it is doing great business. The market is strong for this kind of product. On Instagram the organization has more information about its products and about its company. The RealReal has lots of photos showing different women in upscale clothing. They are seen in everything from jeans to flip flops and sporting name brand purses and dresses.

Sustainability is one thing that the company promotes. This outfit promotes sustainability since figured out that a lot of water, electricity and other resources are saved when people purchase used clothing. The purchase of used clothing saves more resources for people instead of always buying them brand new. The RealRealwants consumers to know that they can purchase used gear and help the environment when they do. This is one reason why this consignment enterprise wants you to get real by purchasing their goods.