U.S. Cities Rated for Healthy Skin

U.S. Top Cities for Healthy Skin

The United States currently spends $10 billion every year on skin lotions and creams. They spend double that amount, $20 billion, on professional skin care from dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

The Modern Medicine Network recently rated 79 cities for how healthy they were for the skin. The criteria were broken down by the number of skin care centers in each city, along with the number of dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, and the availability of skin care products.

Scottsdale, Arizona, came in at first place, with over 134 skin care centers, while Detroit came in worst, with only 24.

Another criteria used in the rating was the strength of UV rays and the amount of air pollution encountered on a normal day. Los Angeles came in as the worst place for your skin (but they were ranked second for the amount of dermatologists available). The best city was Maui, in Hawaii. So if you need a good excuse to go to Hawaii this winter, there it is: skin care!