Using Google Glass

Google Glass

A recent doctor survey asked 9 plastic surgeons for their reactions to using Google Glass while operating. The surveyed doctors all said that the Glass was satisfying and comfortable to use while operating. But tends to be a bit distracting as well.

The survey was conducted at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, which is located in the Washington, DC, area, late in 2015. Specific questions concerned the problem of gaze disruption during surgery and the image quality.

The surgeons surveyed felt the Glass helped them better capture intra-operative images without having to use their hands. This gave them more flexibility during most procedures. They can simply speak or wink instead.

Dr. Harold Bloom, a reconstructive micro-surgeon at the Des Moines General Hospital in Iowa, says: “The Google Glass Explorer is a really unique piece of surgical technology that I think will revolutionize basic surgical procedures in the near future. It’s a comfortable fit in the OR for most surgeons, and the distractions seem to be very minimal.”