Breast Reduction in Men Gaining in Popularity

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The Plastic Surgery Group of Cleveland’s managing director, Dr. Michael Henderson, says that the number of men seeking treatment for gynecomastia is on the rise: “Until recently, breast enlargement in men was a taboo subject for most men. It was considered some kind of freakish condition that somehow took away masculinity. But today men are more open about discussing the problem, the effect on posture and dealing with it through plastic surgery.

It occurs in about 10% of male teenagers on average, and in most cases disappears as the boy matures in a few years. It is estimated that nearly 30% of the adult male population in the United States now suffers from the condition.

Dr. Henderson cautions that before submitting to the liposuction procedure for

Gynecomastia, patients should get a complete medical checkup to make sure that their condition is not a symptom of something more serious, such as diabetes or a hormonal imbalance.