Discomfort Is Key To An Exceptional Life

Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations is essential to leading an extraordinary life; this is a reality many people avoid. The truth is, the more you put yourself in situations of discomfort, the more familiar it becomes. Your brain can begin to crave the novelty of the new situations even though the discomfort is still there. New situations stimulate creative problem-solving and can create new skill sets. This is the path toward personal evolution.

Aya Allison is one of the people who can help you on this path. She is a transformational mindset coach and microdosing educator. In this article, she shares why discomfort is beneficial for you. 

Face Your Fears

Fear is nothing more than stimulation in the body. The mind labels these stimuli as fear or excitement. Your mindset and personal development determine how you label it, which determines your experience. By making the bold decision to change the label of fear to excitement, you have already begun the process of mental mastery.

Get In Your Reps

A common problem Aya sees with clients is that they have many ideas, get very excited about one, try working at it on over-drive, then burn out or lose interest in a month or two after not getting the outcome they expected. 

Any entrepreneur can tell you that overnight success is years in the making. The work is daily, and it is not sexy. Delayed gratification is necessary, as results or profit may not be experienced for six months to a year. 

The buy-it-now, get-it-now mentality is ruining many peoples’ ability to put in the dedication and discipline necessary to be a success. The practice of improving is daily. No shortcut will get you ahead.

High Performers’ Insider Secrets

While discipline, repetition, and focus top the list of high-performers unsexy secrets, are there other tools or techniques for living an extraordinary life?

Aya Allison says, “yes.” 

With her clients, she offers hypnosis sessions for a lifestyle change. Not to be confused with hypnotherapy, this hypnosis does not uncover trauma. These sessions help with procrastination, improving self-belief, visualization, and much more.

Along with hypnosis, Aya also offers microdosing education. Microdosing has become incredibly popular with high-performers in the last several years. Silicon Valley is well-known for high percentages of employees who microdose, allowing them to be much more creative in their problem-solving skills and improving focus.

If you do not leave your comfort zone, you may find yourself tuning out a significant portion of your daily life.

But when you actively seek out new experiences or allow new experiences to happen to you, your body creates brand-new neural pathways that fuel your creative spark and improve your memory.

That is why you should embrace being uncomfortable. Put yourself in new and unfamiliar situations to activate a special part of the brain that releases dopamine. Nature is totally invested in your happiness, and you can leverage this.

For more information, you can connect to Aya Allison here.