More Information On Holistic Nursing

After countless years of being in the nursing profession, you’ve likely felt like you could have done more on certain occasions. The biggest issue you had was that you were limited in what you could do for them. There’s limited freedom to utilize your knowledge, skills, and abilities. After all, you are restricted to following protocols implemented by your employer. The modern system is more focused on symptom management than actually helping patients. If you are looking to do more than help patients manage their symptoms and you want to take your career to new heights, it’s time to consider a career as a holistic nurse. Getting certified as a holistic nurse coach can be your ticket to letting you utilize your abilities to help heal your patients.

What’s A Holistic Nursing Approach? – More Information On Holistic Nursing

Holistic nursing is an integrative approach to healing. It’s a way of healing to help your patients treat their minds and body. You get to do things like offer lifestyle changes that can help them achieve better wellness. This can include giving advice on nutrition, sleep, and even physical activity to better their health. When you are a holistic nurse, you get to coach your patient toward better health. You get to teach them what they should be doing to improve their health and wellness instead of how to effectively manage their symptoms. You can learn all of this through your nursing education and training. 

The Primary Role Of A Holistic Nurse and More Information On Holistic Nursing:

A holistic nurse is a registered nurse who is eligible to work in various specialties. As a holistic nurse, you can specialize in general practice, internal medicine, or another specialty. As a holistic nurse, you can work in various settings including clinics, hospitals, and more. As a holistic nurse, you will be able to provide all kinds of services including taking a patient’s vital signs, helping dress wounds, and more. You will do much more than look at the symptoms and present illnesses. Instead, you will assess the patient’s overall health and figure out ways to improve it. You get to truly look at the patient’s wellness as a whole to come up with ways to improve their quality of life.

As a medical caregiver, you need to look at a person’s comprehensive health. A holistic nurse will utilize his/her knowledge of natural medicine and their traditional training as a Registered Nurse to figure out the underlying causes of medical problems. Along with knowing conventional medicine, a certified holistic nurse will have all kinds of knowledge of alternative and natural medicine. These two distinct approaches can help the nurse optimize health plans to ensure their patients are getting the best treatment plan going forward.

Another Dimension Brought To Patient Care – Information On Holistic Nursing

Conventional medicine is and always will be an essential component of patient care. However, holistic nursing brings an entirely new element to it. With holistic medicine and approaches, you can utilize a lot of different tried and tested interventions including cognitive therapy, biofeedback, and more. It’s known that the mind and body are intertwined. Thus, both things must be looked at if whole healing is to occur. If the mind is wounded, the body cannot truly heal. A holistic nurse is well trained to figure out where there is a gap and they are tasked with helping bridge it for their patient.

Becoming Board Certified As A Holistic Nurse – Information On Holistic Nursing

This type of nursing is recognized by the American Nurses Association as a specialty. There are different standards and a defined scope. You can effectively become board certified as a holistic nurse when you go through the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program hosted by The Nurse Coach Collective. This is a program that was completely designed by nurses and for nurses. It’s approved by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation and upon completion, you get a certificate.

To earn the certificate, you will have needed to graduate from an accredited program and be currently registered as an RN in the US. You will need to have 2,000 hours or a full year of experience practicing as a holistic nurse within the past 5 years. Also, you will need to have completed 48 hours of continuing education in the area of holistic nursing.

You Can Become The Change Maker Needed – Information On Holistic Nursing

A substantial problem within the modern-day healthcare system is the focus on symptom management. A lot of patients don’t even get a proper assessment of their health. They only get treated based on the symptoms they showcase and experience. As a result of this lack of discovery, patients continue to experience more and more symptoms because they don’t address the root cause of them. A patient needs respective guidance from professionals that know how to treat the mind and the body. As a holistic nurse professional, you get to make a difference in patients’ lives. You get to bridge the gap and help them achieve better and more sustainable health and wellness. By taking the course offered by The Nurse Coach Collective, you can help to heal your patients better than ever before.