Jennifer Hernandez: Nothing Should Limit You; Don’t Fear To Press That Restart Button

We face limitations throughout our lives. They are not something we can just get rid of. They are the reality of life. Most of our limitations are self-imposed. But you have to make a choice every day, and for goodness sake, do not pick the option of succumbing to your circumstances; instead, choose to make moves and decisions that would empower you out of a victim mentality. That is what the winners in our societies did. 

Otherwise, no people would triumph in doing the impossible in the face of completely paralyzing conditions and with everything stacked against them, physically, intellectually, financially, socially, and so on.

A Success Story

If you are unsatisfied with survival but want to grow in life in a big way, this post is for you. The name Jennifer Hernandez leads you to a top-performing mortgage loan officer who serves as a keynote speaker and panelist. She has delivered keynote speeches on real estate, personal growth, and finance. 

Jennifer refused to allow her difficult circumstances to define her fate. She employs her mentorship expertise to assist others struggling to achieve their goals. 

The Roots

Would you believe that Jennifer experienced considerable opposition that jeopardized her success in life? People around her did not think she could succeed and become a significant member of society. She lost all of her residential, rental, and commercial properties; to make matters worse, she was facing a divorce. 

On the other hand, Jennifer did not let her circumstances or those around her define her life. As she would say, you do not have to do it alone. Invest in your personal development. Be on the lookout for her best-selling motivational book for a start.

Start Your Journey

Below are four steps you could take to start your journey out of the shadows of doubt and limitation and into the light.

And the four steps involved in this process are as follows:

  1. Identify the limiting belief.
  2. Deny it.
  3. Reframe it as an empowering conviction.
  4. Be open to the transformation by taking it one step at a time.

When the narrative we tell ourselves is so ingrained in our thoughts, it is difficult to recognize. Therefore, the first step of this process is to identify the limiting belief. Any belief that begins with the following terms is considered limiting:

  • I can’t…
  • I won’t…
  • They don’t like me…
  • It has always been this way…

This may sound simplistic, but you need to start treating yourself better to perform better—the words you use with yourself matter. So start with talking to yourself nicely; practice it. 

Say, ‘I am capable of starting over again’ if your life demands it again. You have got to live for yourself. Life already chose you, and frankly, no one has a choice. Life is for all the living. As long as you live, you must be willing to be a little confident.

 It would help if you underwent a cognitive transformation. Be open to seeing the possibilities. You will not believe in your capacity to construct your ideal if you do not see evidence in your actions that you are doing so.

Consider the matter carefully.

While you develop your limiting beliefs, your conduct reinforces them. Similarly, your actions would disprove them.

You will gradually begin to recognize how your thoughts’ quality creates your life’s quality if you reframe your limiting beliefs into empowering ones and make modest efforts to modify your behavior to validate these new beliefs.

For so long, the limiting belief “I can’t be a writer unless I have a published book” could keep you back until you reframed it as “I am writing daily, i’ll start publishing three articles a week.”