NovaBelle Age Defying Moisturizer – Did It Work for Me? (2019 Review)

Since learning about NovaBelle Age Defying Moisturizer for the first time earlier this year, I have been using the product for a few months now. The ingredients looked safe, the reviews were solid and I definitely wasn’t getting any younger. This all led to my trial, and I went in very optimistic.

Over the months, I have tried to document exactly how things worked out for me personally. Now that I have used the product long enough, I feel confident to give my own personal review.

First thoughts

I’m no stranger when it comes to using facial creams, so there was a sense of skepticism in the beginning. So many other creams have promised that they could reverse the aging process, but they have had mixed results at best.

The cream was affordable, it shipped quickly, and it was easy to apply every single day. I didn’t feel like it was too heavy on the face, and the ingredients didn’t cause any type of redness.

With some puffiness and dark spots under my eyes, I knew that I wanted to see some progress there as soon as possible. Other reviews stated that the cream helped with that in just a few days, and sure enough, there was a noticeable difference.

Tackling wrinkles, crow’s feet and more

Most people reading this review are probably similar to me in that they want wrinkles gone. This is why we have invested hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars in creams in the past, yet still on that search.

Even though I assessed my face every single day looking in the mirror, I decided to not compare before and after pictures until two weeks after using the cream religiously. I thought that was a good amount of time to see if wrinkles were starting to fade away.

What I noticed is that the wrinkles around my eyes faded away faster than the rest of the face. Maybe that has to do with my personal experience only, but it wasn’t like the other wrinkles showed no progress. The first two weeks went a little slowly, but within a month there was a noticeable difference everywhere.

What keeps me using the cream is that it helps to reduce existing wrinkles, but it also helps to prevent additional wrinkles from forming. The skin on my face feels as young as ever, and I have a lot of my confidence restored.

Is the Novabelle Advanced Serum worth the price?

Since seeing results in the first month, I have now been with NovaBelle Age Defying Moisturizer for a total of five months. Each month, my face shows improvement, and it is a daily routine I can stick to without feeling overwhelmed.

Most people are going to use some type of cream for the face, and this is a great option that addresses several different issues at once. To me, that makes it worthy of the price, and something I have no problem paying for every month.